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Automobilinis Bluetooth garsiakalbis Xblitz X600 juodas

DRIVE SAFELY Xblitz X600 Light will allow you to focus on the road by letting your hands free while having a phone call. Take care of your safety. Travel every kilometer of your route with certainty and constant contact with the world!

RELEASE THE SOUND Xblitz X600 Light ensures highest quality of sound during phone calls, as well as when listening to the music. Sound is pure and lusty, microphone uses noise reduction function during recording, what makes communication very comfortable for both sides.

SUBTLE DESIGN Xblitz X600 Light is a small size wireless speaker designed in modern style. Its black housing is made from nice in touch rubber plastic. On the front part there are located functional buttons of wireless talks - including big answering / ending calls button, whichenables driving without taking your eyes off.

READY TO USEXblitz X600 Light is ready for immediate use. Communication happens via bluetooth network. Installation of the device takes place only once. Every time you turn on the device - pairing process with your mobile will happen automatically.

EAN: 5902479670980
Kaina (su PVM):
70.50 €

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